Bianca: Founder Happier Life, trainer, mental coach en gepassioneerd ondernemer.

Coach Bianca: een kleine greep uit mijn kennis en ervaring…

  • Hormoontrainer
  • Detoxcaoch
  • Paardencoach
  • Systemisch coaching
  • Program Leader en master trainer FloatFit voor AquaPhysical
  • Yoga Instructeur
  • Zwanger fit  instructeur
  • Bootcampinstructeur
  • Kettlebel trainer
  • Concept creator
  • Founder Bad Ass Yoga
  • Founder Bad Ass Babes Club®
  • Organisatie en uitvoering workshop, events, lezingen en Fitness-Heath retreats
  • Mindful training, unieke trainings methode van Happier Life
  • Moeder van Luna en getrouwd met Pascal:-)

AquaPhysical Master Trainer:


I started working with AquaPhysical in July 2016 when we first started FloatFit classes in NL. They were a huge success and at the moment we have 8 classes a week on our schedule including employing 2 FloatFit instructors.
I love the FloatFit workout, the energy it gives to people and the way it has personally developed me as an instructor.

In February (2017) I became a Master Trainer for AquaPhysical and have now trained instructors in multiple countries and love supporting them.
As a Program Leader I create new releases, organise events, test new releases, and help build the online FloatFit community.

Eng: Expertise and qualifications:

  • Qualified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor
  • Hormone Trainer: fitness, food, stress reduction using Power yoga, and mental wellbeing
  • Detox Coach: food, yin yoga, mindfulness and detox body & mind
  • Natal and Post-Natal Trainer: training for pregnant women, including body balance. After birth:building core-strength and training safely. Aquabase is great for this!
  • HIIT/Bootcamp Trainer: hiit training, tabata and circuit training
  • Sports and Group Entertainer: all kind of group training and sports including aerobics, watergamesetc